About Tasseron

Our mission is to develop cost-effective sensor solutions that meet and exceed our customerโ€™s expectations. To produce products that are not only the highest quality, but also add value to each application because of their unique design and ease of use.

We want to contribute to the environment by designing efficient products for quick and accurate measurements. This way we can help all of our customers to increase performance and reduce energy consumption in the world. Innovative since 1920.



Tasseron is founded. Tasseron focuses on the import of electronic insulation material.

Tasseron has a long history in designing, developing and manufacturing premium quality products for control and measurement. In all our efforts, we devote a lot of attention to our social footprint and work closely with local educational institutions


In the early years, the company is expanded with a radio department that specializes in the production of radio receivers under the brand Teltas.


Philips vs Tasseron court ruling; this ruling forms the basis of Dutch patent law.


Tasseron changes its course and specializes in temperature measurements.


The first temperature sensor is built.


Tasseron expands internationally and opens an office in Pennsylvania USA.


Tasseron HQ moves to its current facility in Nootdorp, the Netherlands.


Tasseron joins forces with SEKC; a developer and manufacturer of high quality cable harnesses.


Tasseron enters the HVAC market with a new state-of-the-art product line.



Tasseron celebrates its 100th anniversary!