Temperature sensors


Because we strive to offer a total solution, we are specialized in designing and developing electronic controls for a wide range of industries. We like having brainstorm sessions with our customers. This enables us to turn ideas into complete, custom electronic solutions for applications ranging from horticultural to HVAC and from heating to coffee machines.

Cable assembly

A quick solution for complex cabling. Our cable harnesses enable a simple and efficient assembly. Our expertise and experience, combined with a wide range of tools and machines, make it possible to manufacture multiple designs for a single application. Our cable assemblies are all custom made, fully adjusted to your specific application.

Exclusive reseller

One stop shop? As a renowned reseller we have extensive experience in the heating and cooling industry and can provide you with expert advice and all-in-one systems. We exclusively resell temperature protection switches, heating elements and solid state relays. Use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. Let us provide you with a fitting solution.

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